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High School Options Program

​Take College Courses — In High School

High School students age 15 and older may take general education courses that can be applied to a Rowan College associate degree program or easily transferred to other institutions of higher education. Students who elect to transfer their credits to another college must request an official RCGC transcript be sent to their choice institution. In addition, RCGC credits may satisfy high school graduation requirements through the N.J. Department of Education's Option Two.


How to Enroll in HSOP​

  • Submit a High School Participat​ion Form and ​$20 application fee to the Admissions Office

  • Satisfy prerequisites and testing requirements for English, mathematics and science courses (starting
    fall 2015, students must meet the testing requirements for all courses)

  • Verify if the selected HSOP courses qualify for Option Two consideration

  • Register for college course(s):

    • At RCGC: Register in person in the Student Services building. Check in at the Information Center
      with a photo ID (photo ID is required)

    • At High School: Group registration events are often held at the Gloucester County high schools;
      please check with the school Guidance Office


 Frequently Asked Questions


Examples of HSOP Courses and Savings

Typical HSOP Courses
(not limited to this course selection)

Full Tuition & Fees
for College Students
(not applicable to HS students)

Discounted Tuition & Fees
for HSOP Students
(65 % savings)

General Psychology (PSY 101)

Principles of Sociology (SOC 101)

History of Western Civ. I (HIS 101)

English Composition I (ENG 101)



Digital Photography (ART 131)



Calculus I (MAT 108)



General Biology I (BIO 101)




For More Information

Call 856-415-2232