Gloucester County College has become Rowan College at Gloucester County. Our website has moved from www.gccnj.edu to www.rcgc.edu.
When Can You Register?

​​​Open Registration for New Students 

Before registration, all new students should receive an acceptance packet and satisfy the placement test so they are prepared for advisement. All new-student registration takes place in the lobby of the Student Services Building, unless students are visiting or part-time students registering by mail.

​The Registration Dates​ page provides registration dates and times. The Information Center also can provide additional details or help students schedule appointments with their advisors: 856-415-2197 (option 1). Appointments are not necessary for registration, which is held on a first-come, first-served basis.

Important: ​Rowan College allows CURRENT STUDENTS to register for courses based on the following criteria. All current students receive an email (Rowan College email) before the registration date with information specific to their student status. All students must read their Rowan College email for details on when they can register.

Current Students Who Require NO PIN Number

Current students who do not require a PIN number may register the first week that registration opens for that term. If they do not need a PIN number, they may register through the Rowan College portal, speak with an advisor in the lobby of the Student Services Building or schedule an appointment to see their advisor. The Rowan College email will indicate whether a PIN number is needed to register.

​Current Students Who Require a PIN Number

Students who require a PIN number may register the first week registration opens for that term. When a PIN number is required, students must make an appointment with their advisors to receive their PIN numbers. This appointment should be scheduled as soon as possible so their PIN numbers will be emailed to them. When students receive a PIN number, they register through the Rowan College Portal. Instructions are provided in the Rowan College email.

Registration Tools Channelregistration-tools-channel.jpgHow Do I Register for Class?​​

Current students can take the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Rowan College Portal from the Rowan College website.

  2. Click the Academics tab and look for ​the Registration Tools channel (right).

  3. Click Add or Drop Classes.

  4. Choose the appropriate term (Spring 2012, etc.) and click Submit. Find the classes needed and add them.

  5. After classes have been added, print the Student Detail Schedule and check it for accuracy.

  6. View the online Degree Evaluation to be sure the correct courses were selected according to degree requirements.

  7. Print the bill.


I Need Help Registering for Classes. What Should I Do?​

Students may visit the Student Services Building for assistance. Registration assistants will be available in the lobby to assist with the registration process. Students also may make an appointment to speak with their advisors​.


How Do I Vie​w or Pay My Bill?

When students register, they create a bill. The bill can be viewed via the Rowan College Portal, clicking the Academics tab and looking for a channel called "View or Pay My Bill." Students should click the "Term Bill" link within that channel. 


If students do not plan to attend, classes must be dropped BEFORE the first day of the semester to avoid being charged.

Rowan College no longer mails paper bills. Students should follow the above steps to view/print their bills.