​​Make an Appointment

Students may contact the Information Center for an appointment by calling 856-415-2197 (option 1) or stop by the Information Center in the Student Services building. Advisors also are available for quick questions and concerns through Drop-In Advising.

Determine Student ​Advisor

Advisors are assigned to students based on group status or ​major. 

​​Option 1:

Members of any of the following groups should make an appointment with the corresponding advisor. Those who are not members of any of these groups should use Option 2. For an appointment, call 856-415-2197 (option 1)​.



​Academic Probation or Leave

​Thelma Hill

​EOF Students

​​Audreen Pittman, ​James Rodia

​International Students

​Teresa Nate

​Student Athletes

​George Rey

*Those belonging to more than one group should c​hoose one and be sure to alert their advisors of other groups of which they are members.


Option 2:

Students who are not members of any of the above groups should visit the Degrees & Certificates​ page to find their programs of study (majors) and advisors.


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